Residential Committees

The Residential Committees give residents a voice to engage with management and possibilities to influence issues regarding their living situation in order to increase the comfort of living. The Committees also assist in the resolving of problems and finding solutions together with the management of Emalahleni Housing Company.

The objectives of the Residential Committee are as follows:

  • To promote neighbourliness, racial harmony and social cohesion;
  • To liaise with various authorities on the needs and problems of residents at all residential complexes;
  • To encourage social interaction and community engagement through organised community development programmes and activities that people can identify with and participate in;
  • To encourage and support individuals and the wider tenant community to develop their life skills in order to prioritise their commitments and sustain their families;
  • To provide social welfare services; and
  • To create a platform to engage on issues relevant to tenant communities as within the confines of the constitution.

Refer to our “Contact Us” page for Residential Committee members’ contact details.